"I want all my... garmonbozia (pain and sorrow)." - Twin Peaks by David Lynch

What is the link between garmonbozia and my concert photography?
First of all, I love the word 'garmonbozia'. For the ones who are familiar with Twin Peaks:
in the Black Lodge MIKE and TMFAP tell BOB they want their garmonbozia and BOB returns it
in the form of blood. I love all musicians who show their pain and sorrow through their music
and 'bleed' their notes, as it were, straight from the heart and soul. And mean it.
These are the concerts I'd like to attend most and I try to capture the special moments from them
onto digital photo. Like David Lynch I try to approach things a bit differently (on my own level,
in my own way - composition/timing/situation/colour-wise and in other ways). Now, I am obviously
an amateur photographer who is just starting out and therefore still have much to learn, especially
since I'm 'self-educated'. I think I figured out where most of my current flaws lay, so things
shall hopefully improve, but any further tips from the pro's are very very welcome haha.
To conclude this intro, I shoot all my pics with a Canon PowerShot G11 (which fails me at quite
some points), so NO D-SLR and special lenses yet, until I'm convinced that I have enough talent
and knowledge to go through with this. If you see anything you like, please contact me.
Thanks for dropping by.

Pim Bos / Garmonbozia Photography

2011-04-26 Added: Letz Zep
2011-04-14 Added: Maiden UniteD & Anneke van Giersbergen
2011-04-08 Added: The Doors Alive, Tomatito, Devin Townsend Project & Anneke van Giersbergen
2011-01-16 Added: Mostly Autumn, Jan Akkerman Band, The Brew, Wishbone Ash
2010-12-06 Added: Magion, Kingfisher Sky
2010-11-28 Added: Basily Boys, Three Of A Kind
2010-11-18 Added: Beth Hart
2010-10-28 Added: Apocalyptica
2010-10-20 Added: Gare du Nord
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